Gamecast – EP 9

[ENG] Ten o pracy grupy Archipel i Japonii (z Archipel | アルシペル)

Gość odcinka: Archipel | アルシペル (@SailToArchipel – Twitter, Archipel | アルシペル – YT).

Link do ściągnięcia odcinka.

Witajcie serdecznie. Obiecałem, że pojawią się kolejne odcinki w języku angielskim i oto jest następny. W dziewiątym odcinku rozmawiam z Archipel | アルシペル, więc ekipą prowadzącą kanał na YT, na którym publikują krótkie (przeważnie) materiały dokumentalne o twórcach z Japonii. Twórcach gier, mang, muzyków czy malarzy. Pokazują artystów w bardzo intymny i „japoński” sposób. Od dawna oglądam ich materiały i bardzo się cieszę, że zgodzili się na udział w podcaście. Mam nadzieję, że odcinek wam się spodoba, że zachęci was do zainteresowania się twórczością Archipel i szerzenia dobrego słowa o Gamecaście (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

(00:02:11) PART 1 – Introduction

  1. Tell the listeners something more about you? Where do you come from? What do you do for a living? How did Archipel actually start?
  2. Do you guys even play games or you don’t have time at all?

(00:10:40) PART 2 – Archipel Videos

  1. Can you talk about the transition from Toco Toco to Archipel and the things you’ve learned doing this work for the past few years?
  2. The TOCO TOCO documentaries are about 10-15 min long. Could you tell me how long does it take to get a episode done? Explain the process behind videos? From scratch to YouTube.
  3. Question about people you introduce in your movies. How do you find them. Are they people you’ve already met and decided to asked them to create a video with them or are they just artist that inspire you and you decided to contact them for creating videos. Did you receive any rejections about making a video?
  4. How do you approach someone like Goichi Suda for an interview/documentary? Are you intimidated by personas him alike?

(00:34:00) PART 3 – Gamedev in Japan

  1. I know that Japanese game developers explained their opinion about why Japan games struggled in the previous console generation, but what is your take on it?
  2. Japan is kicking ass this generation with phenomenal games coming out every year. What is the secret in your opinion?
  3. In the west there is a LOT of discussion going around crunch and companies exploiting their developers. Is the situation the same in Japan? If so, why isn’t anything around it coming out to the masses?
  4. One thing that struck me in videos about the individuals behind games in Japan, is how they described their days – in short: work from morning till night. Do those persons have families or a life outside their jobs?
  5. From my observation (and this is not just Japan related) I see the same people we saw like 20 years ago being big in Japanese gamedev scene. There is not much new talent showing up. We still see names like Nomura, Igarashi, Mikami, Suda, Taro etc. It seems like there is a cult of personality problem in Japan? What is your take on it?
  6. Are there any promising indie developers in Japan? What’s the state of the indie scene in Japan?

(00:56:00) PART 4 – Games small talk

  1. What is your favourite Japanese games this year so far?
  2. What Japan born and raised games do you look forward too most?

(01:01:12) PART 5 – One word 😀

Intro/outro and background music by JFarenheit
Jingle by celestialghost8

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